Fibre Optic – Designer Splashbacks


The Fiber Optic kitchen splashback blends functionality with style, featuring a gradient light effect that adds depth and warmth to the kitchen, while its heat-resistant and easy-clean glass surface offers practical wall protection.


The Fibre Optic kitchen splashback design features a fiber optic light effect with a gradient from warm yellow to deep red. The fibers appear to diverge from a central point, creating a sense of movement and depth. Made from durable glass, it’s resistant to heat and easy to clean, adding functionality and a vibrant aesthetic to any kitchen space.

This splashback acts as a practical barrier, protecting the kitchen walls from splatters and heat generated during cooking. It also simplifies cleaning by offering a smooth surface that can be quickly wiped down.

Benefits of Kitchen Splashbacks

Wall Protection: They provide a shield against stains, steam, and heat damage that can result from cooking, preserving the integrity of kitchen walls.

Easy Maintenance: Splashbacks have a smooth surface that is simple to wipe clean, requiring less effort to maintain than painted walls or wallpaper.

Increased Light Reflectivity: Particularly with glass splashbacks, they can reflect light better, contributing to a brighter kitchen.

Why Choose Cameo Glass for Kitchen Splashbacks

Tailored to Your Space: Cameo Glass has over 20 years of experience in custom-making glass splashbacks to fit any kitchen space, no matter how unique its layout may be.

Durable Quality: Our splashbacks are made from toughened glass, ensuring durability against high temperatures and impacts, synonymous with safety glass standards.

British Craftsmanship: Proudly made in the UK, our products meet British and European quality standards, reflecting the care and expertise that go into our manufacturing process.


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