There are many stages involved when it comes to producing exquisite glassware: designing, cutting, printing, and polishing. All of these steps culminate in a piece that is truly breathtaking and commands the attention of the room. At Cameo Glass, we care about producing exceptional outcomes for our Cirencester customers, which is why our team of glass merchants is intimately involved with every aspect of our warehouse glass production process. We offer a huge selection of products such as shower doors, mirrors, worktops, and splashbacks amongst many other fantastic pieces.

A Family Business

Cameo Glass is a family company; since our business first began over 20 years ago, it is and will continue to be important to us that we keep the tradition of authentic and skilled glass processing alive. Handing down our knowledge to the next generation of glass merchants, we have become well known in Cirencester and across the UK for utilising exciting and new techniques in our work.

Being recognised as the leading glass merchants for the UK has undoubtedly come to fruition thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality. By choosing to invest in a piece with us, you benefit from the expertise of skilled craftsmen who utilise only the best materials and innovative processes to create your glassware. We avoid shoddy processes – such as printing onto vinyl before the glass – as we don’t believe in taking shortcuts or sacrificing quality for convenience.

Adaptable Services

Don’t be afraid to approach us with a more unusual request – we love to be challenged! We are more than happy to look at creating something more unique for our Cirencester customers, having produced both small and large-scale commissions for a variety of different clients. Our existing products can also be personalised to really represent and enhance the style and personality of your home or office.

We here at Cameo Glass are proud to have become known as an ethical company that advocates sustainability in our practices and approach to business. We closely monitor our carbon footprint and are constantly reviewing ways in which we can be more environmentally friendly in our work and our processes. A great example of this is the kind of paint that we use for our products; whilst a lot of companies still use lead-based paint, we ensure that we only use water-based paint, which is much safer all-around.

Contact Our Team

If you require glassware from glass merchants who boast unparalleled quality and great customer service, why go anywhere else? We wholeheartedly welcome all Cirencester-based customers into our showroom, where our friendly team are waiting to introduce you to all of our wonderful products. If you would like to speak to us in advance, please don’t hesitate to call us on 01793 513864 or, alternatively, submit your questions via our online query form.

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