Are you looking to enhance your home with a stunning new glass dining table or attention-grabbing glass wall art? Are you considering installing safety glass windows on your business premises? Look no further than the trustworthy and reliable team here at Cameo Glass, the glass suppliers of choice for Swindon and beyond. We are pleased to offer a wide selection of glass products for private and commercial needs as well as a more bespoke service if you require an item to be cut in a specific shape and size.

Climate Conscious Company

With businesses and industries across the world causing trillions of pounds worth of damage to the environment, now more than ever it is critical that glass suppliers in Swindon and across the UK consider their social responsibility in the fight against climate change. We here at Cameo Glass are extremely conscious of the environmental impact of our work, which is why we produce everything ourselves in order to help reduce our transportation needs. From logistical changes that have a larger impact to smaller amendments – such as choosing water-based paint instead of lead-based paint for our products – we are constantly trying to find ways that our company can be more ethical and environmentally friendly.

Family-Run Business

Our team are extremely passionate about what they do and benefit from years of experience that has been handed down through the family. Since we first started in 1994 we have become an integral part of the Swindon community, not only for our unparalleled customer service but also for our pioneering approach to glass processing, using the latest methods and most advanced techniques to really establish ourselves as the leaders of our industry.

Having complete control of the manufacturing process allows us to make sure that every single item is produced and finished to the highest standard. Our warehouse team carefully and meticulously design, cut and polish each and every piece before finally handing them over for fast and efficient delivery to our customers. Why not take a look through our website to discover the wide selection of products that we have to offer, including superior quality worktops, stylish mirrors, contemporary splashbacks, and hygienic shower doors.

Why Choose Cameo Glass in Swindon?

One of the things that really sets us aside from other glass suppliers in Swindon is our unwillingness to compromise on quality. Whilst some of our competitors may take shortcuts and use cheaper materials to augment their profit, we use only the best materials, resources, and methods to create an item that is truly exceptional. A perfect example of this is our printing process, in which we print straight onto the glass itself rather than onto vinyl and then transferring this to glass. All of this shows that we truly care about our products and the outcomes for our customers.

Contact Our Team

Now is the time to transform your home or business with superior glass products. Our showroom offers the perfect opportunity to browse through our products and consult with our expert team, who will be happy to offer advice and guidance on the right choice for your specific needs. It couldn’t be easier for our Swindon customers to drop in and see us; as you can see from the map below, we’re in Swindon ourselves and are located quite centrally. Contact us on 01793 513864 and via our online form. 

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