As well as allowing for incredible, spectacular views in obscure locations, glass floor panels can work extremely well in your own home. Glass floor panels look incredibly stylish, and help to transform any home into a chic, modern property, flooding natural light into dark rooms and basement areas.

Here at Cameo Glass, our glass floor panels are manufactured in-house, using multi-laminated and toughened glass where required, to the very highest possible quality. The glass we use is recognised by industry standards, and everything we do is regulated from a health and safety perspective.

Bespoke Glass Floor Panels – Have Your Say

We can also tailor your glass floor panels to suit your personal requirements and tastes. Here at Cameo Glass, we can provide a range of finishes if required: clear, tinted, sandblasted, decorative, anti-slip, and low iron glass. If you’d prefer a slight colour to be added to the glass, too, then we can do that. Regardless of whether you know exactly what you’re looking for, down to the shade of blue you want your panes to be, or you need significant guidance as to the best style for your home, we’ve got you covered.

We like to think that we’re a team of friendly, approachable people here, but we are also extremely knowledgeable about our glass floor panel products and processes. We would recommend discussing your idea with us before we go ahead and confirm an order, simply because we might be able to offer some useful advice! We’re always more than happy to offer our unbiased opinion.

Come to Cameo Glass

Your best bet is simply to get in touch with us to discuss your specific requirements for your glass floor panels. If you fill out one of our online contact forms, then a member of our team will get back to you; you can also give us a call on 01793 513 854 and we’ll talk through your options with you.

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