Heat Resistant Glass

Cameo Glass supplies high quality, fire-resistant glass that provides added protection for your property and ensures the safety of those who live in, work, or visit the property. Cameo Glass recognises the importance of supplying glass pieces that effectively resists fire, and strives to make glass that is strong, secure, and fulfils its demands wholly. We supply reliable fire glass and fire-resistant glazing solutions for doors, windows, and screens, that protects against fire and smoke.

Heat Resistant Glass & Fire Resistant Glass

A fire can be catastrophic, with the ability to endanger human life and damage property. At Cameo Glass, we produce heat-resistant glass that can be integrated into your building in order to provide fire separation. Our products are available with varying integrity & insulation ratings 30/0, 30/30, 60/0, 60/30, 60/60.

Here at Cameo Glass, we supply an array of fire glass variants types to suit your needs:

  • Pyrodur plus,
  • Pyrostop,
  • Pyrosheild,
  • Fireswiss,
  • Pyroguard,
  • Pyrobelite.

Improved fire safety and protection

Fire glass is used in all sectors and in homes and businesses across the UK, allowing businesses and builders to meet building regulations as well as health and safety requirements related to preventing the spread of fire in a property. Cameo Glass produces quality heat-resistant glass; our glass specialists are able to cut glass to any size and specification, creating bespoke solutions for your project and property. We offer a full range of integrity and insulating fire-resistant glass, and our glass options are also compatible with both timber and steel frames.

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With over 20 years of experience, Cameo Glass is committed to supplying quality glass products. All of our glass products are made in the UK to the highest of industry and safety standards. We are also driven by a commitment to delivering the best customer service. To learn more about our fire-resistant glass or for a no-obligation quote, contact us today by calling 01793 513 864, or filling out our online contact form, and a member of our experienced team will be happy to help.

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