Toughened glass has rightly earned a reputation as an effective, high-quality glass product with added strength and safety, offering unrivalled protection against damage from accidents and the elements. This type of glass is required in virtually every building project in the UK, and is also used to create common domestic appliances, such as car side windows and oven doors. Cameo Glass supplies high-quality, reliable toughened glass for a variety of applications, including doors, windows, roof glazing, barriers, and other structural essentials.

Added durability

Toughened glass is up to five times stronger than regular glass of the same thickness. It provides excellent heat and cold resistance and is designed with the highest safety standards firmly in mind. Much like security glass, toughened glass is capable of withstanding severe impacts and damage without shattering. These properties make the product ideal for architects and builders, allowing them to use glass in a wider range of ways than normal; for example, in the design and construction of homes, offices, and factories toughened glass provides invaluable added security.

Throughout the process of making toughened glass, strict emphasis is placed on maintaining structural integrity. The glass is subjected to a toughening process after its manufacture, which includes edgework and polishing. The material is also subjected to heating and cooling treatments, which establish high surface compressive stresses while balancing tensile stresses at the centre.

Improved safety

The process is monitored closely to ensure that the glass meets industry standards. If the glass breaks, the contained stress is released and the glass breaks safely into small and relatively harmless particles. These small pieces can then be contained easily and subsequently disposed of without causing injury.

Cameo Glass Toughen in house

  • .4mm
  • .5mm
  • .6mm
  • .8mm
  • .10mm
  • .12mm
  • .15mm
  • .19mm
  • All to BSEN12150

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