Forging an enduring relationship with our customers and providing the highest level of service is always our top priority here at Cameo Glass. We are a family-run business that has dominated the glass industry for over 20 years, becoming the most trusted glass suppliers for clients across Cirencester and the surrounding areas. Not content to simply rehash old methods of glass processing, we are constantly looking for new and exciting techniques to help us produce our fantastic product; such dedication to forward-thinking has really set us as the champions of our sector.

Cameo Glass truly leads the way in our industry thanks to pioneering glass processing as well as our conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint. Climate change is having a devastating effect on our planet and therefore needs serious action before it is too late. Some of the measures that we have introduced include; limiting the amount of transportation we use by making all of our resources ourselves; and refusing to use poisonous lead-based paint. When it comes to printing, we only use water-based paint, a safer solution for the health of both the environment and our customers.

Glass Suppliers Of The Highest Quality

When it comes to superior glass suppliers and outstanding products in Cirencester, there is no question that Cameo Glass is your first and only choice. We are absolutely unwilling to concede on quality, as evidenced by the fact that always print our designs directly onto the glass itself; many of our competitors, on the other hand, attempt to cut corners by first printing onto vinyl, resulting in a finish that is lower in resolution and more prone to scratching. By choosing to work with us, you are guaranteed products that are finished to the highest standards and will, therefore, stand the test of time.

Overseeing every step of a commission is one of our top priorities, starting from the initial consultation right through to product creation and delivery. Retaining in-house control of each stage of the production process allows us to conduct rigorous quality control checks, resulting in an item that is wholly exceptional. Whether you are ordering splashbacks, worktops, mirrors, shower doors or any of our other great products, you can rest assured that your chosen item will be lovingly crafted by our passionate team.

We wholeheartedly welcome orders from both trade and consumer customers, treating every commission with the attention and dedication it deserves. Here at Cameo Glass, we understand that sometimes a standard product just won’t work in your space and, consequently, something more bespoke is the order of the day. Simply get in touch with us regarding the specific shape and size that you need and we can accordingly custom create an item that is completely unique.

Come and visit our showrooms

Don’t wait any longer to visit us here at Cameo Glass. We’re conveniently based in Swindon – just head down the A417 and A419 from Cheltenham, and you’ll arrive at our showroom where you can see our fantastic displays, browse our extensive range of products, and meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you would like to get in touch regarding any of our sandblasted, toughened, or laminated glass products then please feel free to call us on 01793 513 864 or complete our online form.

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