Glass Shower Screens and Panels

Our glass shower screens and panels are manufactured to the highest possible quality. We can tailor both the style and shape to suit your exact requirements and will always do whatever we can to meet those.

Glass shower screens are a sophisticated and practical choice for modern bathrooms, providing a seamless and unobtrusive enclosure that enhances the overall visual appeal. Made from high-quality tempered glass, these screens offer a safe and durable partition, ensuring longevity and resistance to breakage. Their transparent surface allows for an unhindered view, making the bathroom appear more spacious and open.

Additionally, glass shower screens are easy to clean and maintain, offering a hygienic and hassle-free bathing experience. With various design options available, including frosted or patterned finishes, homeowners can effortlessly tailor the screens to suit their preferred style and complement existing decor. Combining functionality with elegance, glass shower screens are a popular choice that adds a touch of contemporary luxury to any bathroom setting.

Enhance your interior with glass shower panels

Simplicity is often the best approach when it comes to interior design. For anyone looking for a modern design in particular, a glass shower screen or panel is the ideal addition to the bathroom. Our products also suit people who prefer a more traditional setup, though, as a reduction in clutter and cumbersome screens is always preferable. Combining newer glass features with traditional ones, provided it’s done right, can result in an extremely stylish room.

Glass shower screens from Cameo Glass

Glass shower screens allow you to modernise your bathroom. They look stylish and are exceptionally easy to maintain. Below, you can use our online calculator to find out the potential cost of the piece you are considering. Simply enter your desired dimensions, and our calculator will do the rest.

  • Prices are for 8 and 10 mm Glass as they are, this is design for fitting with channel and an option for holes to use clamps.
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Available in different thicknesses in Clear, Extra Clear, Glass, Low Iron, Tinted, Sandblasted, Clear Shine Applied.

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