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What is Fire & Heat Resistant Glass?

image of a burning fire

For both domestic and commercial buildings, installing fire resistant glass is becoming increasingly popular. This type of glass is versatile, aesthetically pleasing, and great at allowing light to flow naturally from one room to another.


Using Glass for Kitchen Worktops

A picture showing a modern kitchen with glass worktops

Kitchen worktops come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to tell you why glass will always trump its rivals. Okay, so that’s hardly a surprise; as glass merchants, we’re going to do our


How Are Stained Glass Windows Made?

An image of a stained glass horse

Stained glass windows are both beautiful pieces of art and impressive tokens of history. While the methods of achieving such miraculous designs have no doubt changed over the years, let’s take a look at how


Mirrors and Interior Design: Bring Your Vision to Life

An image of a hallway with mirrors.

Anybody with an interest in interior design knows that a mirror is more than just furniture that allows you to admire yourself before you leave the house. While a mirror does indeed serve a practical


What Is The Strongest Type of Glass?

A close up image of glass.

The Strongest Type of Glass: What Is It? Toughened glass, otherwise known as tempered glass, is the strongest type of glass. It is commonly used when safety and/or security are a priority as it can