At Cameo Glass, we adore glass wall art. Our printed, glass has a magical quality, a way of catching light and showcasing an image, that simply doesn’t come across behind a frame of thin glass. By showcasing your art through printed glass wall art, whether it be a photo, a memory, or a collage of colours hand-picked by yourself, you ensure that it is as eye-catching as the creation deserves to be. Not only this, but you’re protecting it for years and years to come. You can even find your favourite image from iStock and provide us with the ID number, and we will print your glass wall art directly from this.

What Are the Benefits of Displaying Art with Glass?

By displaying your art on printed glass, you are protecting it from any sun damage or wear and tear. You will no longer have to worry about your photographs discolouring in the sun.

Why Print Your Art on Glass?

Without even discussing all of the aesthetic qualities of glass, it is clear why this would be a good option for an artistic display in your home. Our glass is immensely tough, it does not wear, and it does not age. Therefore, your art (whether it be a family picture, a favourite painting, or a design of our own) will stay strong and stylish throughout its time on your wall.

How Can We Guarantee Such Premium Products?

Cameo Glass have been in this industry for over 20 years. We know glass and therefore, we know how to make the absolute most of it. All of our printing, glass cutting, and glass toughening is conducted within our own workshop. We will never pass your product on to another company to finish the job for us. We trust ourselves to get it done for you, and we don’t trust anyone else’s capabilities above our own. We know that we print your wall art with methods that guarantee the highest of quality.

What Service Can You Expect?

If you purchase your glass wall art from us, you can expect a service as premium as our product. We not only make your glass wall art for you, but can fit your art for you too. We are always available on the phone, so if you have any queries or want to discuss your purchase with us more at any step of the way, we’ll be happy to chat with you. We understand how important your wall art is to you, and we are passionate about what we do. With those things combined, you can be guaranteed an exceptional service, from the moment you order your product to the moment we deliver it to your home.

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