Are you experiencing failed or broken double glazing units in Swindon or the surrounding areas?  If so, look no further than Cameo Glass UK for a solution.

There are many reasons as to why double glazing window units can fail and when this happens unexpectedly, we know that this can cause a lot of stress, which is why it's great knowing that we're just a phone call away from helping.  Units can inevitably fail over time and this is often because of one of three reasons;-

  • Age – This may play a factor if you've had double glazing units installed for a number of years as they don't last forever. If the units have failed and the seals have broken, it's likely because of the age of the units.
  • Quality – If you haven't had your windows long and there is no obvious reason as to why your units have become damaged, this may be a result of buying poor quality units. This can be stressful, but we have competitively priced solutions for you.
  • Damage – If your units have been purposely targeted by criminals or vandals, it's likely that your units may have cracked and require urgent attention to ensure safety, security, and privacy.

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Misted Unit Replacements

Misted up units, especially when cracked, can cause you to leak money through increased energy bills that otherwise could have been avoided with repairs, replacements, or new double glazing installations.  Unfortunately, once your windows and panes start to mist, the problem is only likely to get worse and often it can get so bad that you will struggle to see through your windows at all.  If misted windows get beyond repair, they will likely fail and need replacing.

There are a number of factors to look out for that will indicate that you have failed double glazing units.  We recommend inspecting your windows to see if you can spot the following factors that will confirm you need our help; leaking windows, condensation inside panes, draughts, escaping heat, chipped glass, and broken glass.

When Is Glass Replacement Recommended?

Our team at Cameo Glass UK will firstly inspect the issue with your glass before suggesting the best course of action.  In many cases, we will recommend glass replacement for failed units.  There are certain faults and diagnoses where replacement glass is the best option such as when panes are misty beyond repair, when glass is visually and clearly cracked, and for broken hermetic seals.

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If your double glazing units have failed, Cameo Glass UK are here to provide high-quality, professional and competitively priced replacements throughout Swindon and the surrounding areas.  Get in touch with us today on 01793 513864 or if you prefer to email, use our online contact form and we'll get back to you promptly.

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