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Glass Splashbacks

Our glass splashbacks allow you to do exactly that, and can provide you with a truly unique feature to help your home feel like … well, home! Whether you’re tempted by one of our simple, coloured splashbacks, or it’s our personalised splashbacks that take your fancy, we’ll help you choose the right product for you no matter what.

As you’ll already know if you’ve had a click through our website, Cameo Glass is a family-run business. That means we understand the importance of things such as the home and making it personal.

Coloured Splashbacks

Image of a coloured splashback for the kitchen - red is the chosen colour in this example

Adding a touch of colour to your home is important, and it provides you with the perfect opportunity of personalising your home. Provided you get the balance right, a coloured splashback should bring out the best in any room. If you’ve got a particular theme you’re after, it’s a great, simple way of emphasising that further; alternatively if you’re simply after a centrepiece or a bit of a statement, they can work well for that too.

All of our coloured splashbacks are resistant to common stains, both in the kitchen and the bathroom, and are able to withstand high temperatures and impacts without sustaining damage.

Other Splashback Products

Closeup portrait of a young male polar bear in the snow; one of the

Rather than go on about all of our individual options when it comes to our products, we’ll direct you to the right page on our website. If it’s designer splashbacks, painted splashbacks, or personalised splashbacks, then you’ll want to go to our kitchen splashback page. Alternatively, our bathroom splashbacks page gives you a bit of advice regarding your options there.

To get in touch with us, give us a call on 01793 513864, or fill out one of our online contact forms. We look forward to hearing from you!