Colourful Hearts – Designer Splashbacks


The colourful hearts kitchen splashback showcases tiny heart shapes in red, purple, and blue on a glittery background, creating a bright, festive effect. This playful design adds charm to the kitchen while protecting walls from splashes with its durable, easy-to-clean tempered glass.


The colourful hearts kitchen splashback design features a multitude of tiny heart shapes scattered across a glittery background. The hearts appear in a range of colours like red, purple, and blue against a shimmering base, creating a lively and colourful effect. The overall look is bright and festive, adding a playful touch to the kitchen while serving its practical purpose of protecting the walls from splashes and spills.

This vibrant splashback is crafted from durable tempered glass, making it a sturdy and easy-to-clean choice for busy kitchen environments. It’s designed to withstand the heat from cooking and guard against stains, ensuring lasting beauty and functionality behind your stove or sink.

Benefits of Kitchen Splashbacks

Low Maintenance: Unlike painted walls, splashbacks require minimal upkeep to maintain their appearance.

Light Reflective: Glass splashbacks reflect light, brightening up the kitchen space and making it feel more open.

Enhances Style: Splashbacks come in various designs and colours, adding a stylish element to your kitchen’s decor.

Customisable: They can be tailored to fit any space and can even be customised with specific images or patterns.

Why Choose Cameo Glass for Kitchen Splashbacks

Custom Fit: Cameo Glass offers made-to-order splashbacks, ensuring a perfect fit for your kitchen space with the flexibility to match any colour scheme or incorporate your desired images.

Expert Craftsmanship: With over two decades of experience, Cameo Glass prides itself on delivering high-quality, UK-made glass products using the latest techniques for superior craftsmanship.

Personalised Service: We value the personal touch, following up on bespoke orders with direct phone calls to confirm every detail meets your specific needs and vision.

Environmentally Conscious: Our eco-friendly approach uses water-based paints and direct-to-glass printing, ensuring a high-resolution, scratch-resistant finish that is better for the environment.


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