Abstract Painting – Designer Splashbacks


The Abstract Painting kitchen splashback is a vibrant addition that pairs wall protection with modern artistry. Coloured in a combination of red, blue, green, and yellow squares with unique textures, it creates a lively atmosphere. Easy-to-clean and heat-resistant tempered glass ensures functionality, making this durable splashback a smart, stylish choice for any kitchen.


The Abstract Painting kitchen splashback design features a collage of colourful squares, each with distinct textured brushstrokes and varied patterns. The squares showcase a range of colours including red, blue, green and yellow. This splashback would add a contemporary and lively touch to any kitchen, blending functionality with visual appeal of abstract art.

The Abstract Painting kitchen splashback is both decorative and functional, serving to protect your kitchen walls from spills and splatters. Its tempered glass surface is simple to clean and resistant to the heat and humidity common in kitchen settings, offering a practical solution that adds a pop of colour and artistry to the space. Durable and long-lasting, this splashback is a valuable addition to any home.

Benefits Of Kitchen Splashbacks

Wall Protection: Kitchen splashbacks act as a shield, safeguarding your walls from the inevitable splashes, stains, and heat damage that come with cooking and food preparation.

Easy Maintenance: The smooth surface of splashbacks makes them incredibly easy to clean. A simple wipe down can remove any spills, keeping your kitchen looking pristine without much effort.

Aesthetic Appeal: Splashbacks offer an instant upgrade to your kitchen’s appearance, with a wide variety of designs and colours available to complement your home’s style and add a personal touch to the space.

Why Choose Cameo Glass For Kitchen Splashbacks?

Custom Made: Choose Cameo Glass for kitchen splashbacks that are tailored to fit your exact space and style, with a wide range of colours and the ability to use your own images for a truly personalised touch.

Proven Quality: With over 20 years of experience, we make our splashbacks from toughened glass right here in the UK, ensuring each piece meets our high standards for durability and design.

Personal Service: We believe in a hands-on approach, personally following up on every custom order by phone to ensure all your specifications are met to the letter.

Environmentally Conscious: Our processes are designed with the environment in mind, using water-based paints and printing directly onto the glass for a high-resolution, scratch-resistant finish that’s also better for the planet.


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