Colourful Motion – Designer Splashbacks


The Colourful Motion kitchen splashback showcases broad paint strokes in blue, red, yellow, and purple, coming from a central point to create a dynamic pattern of colourful streaks. Made from tempered glass, it is practical for protecting kitchen walls from splashes and stains and easy to clean.


The Colourful Motion kitchen splashback features broad strokes of paint in a spectrum of colours including blue, red, yellow, and purple that fan out from a central point. The design creates a pattern that looks like colourful streaks moving outward.

As a splashback, this piece is practical, protecting kitchen walls from splashes and stains while cooking. The tempered glass is easy to clean, ensuring that the vibrant design stays fresh and bright over time. Its bold, dynamic look adds a lively burst of colour to any kitchen.

Benefits Of Kitchen Splashbacks

Hygiene: Splashbacks offer an easily cleanable surface that helps maintain kitchen hygiene by preventing the absorption of cooking splatters and spills.

Protection: They provide a durable barrier, protecting the walls behind cooktops and sinks from stains, heat, and water damage.

Aesthetic: Splashbacks can serve as a focal point in kitchen design, available in a wide range of colours and patterns to enhance the overall look of the space.

Why Choose Cameo Glass for Kitchen Splashbacks?

Customisation: Cameo Glass specialises in bespoke designs, allowing you to choose or create a splashback that perfectly matches your kitchen’s colour scheme or personal style.

Quality: With over 20 years of experience, Cameo Glass is dedicated to crafting high-quality, durable glass products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Service: Cameo Glass provides a thorough service experience, including personalised follow-up calls to ensure customer satisfaction with every custom splashback order.


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