Custom Made Shower Doors

Due to Cameo Glasses’ many years in the industry, we can guarantee that your glass shower panels, screens and doors will be designed and made to the exact specifications needed for your space. A glass shower products guarantee a luxury feel for your bathroom, giving that premium hotel feel in your own home, and at Cameo Glass we not only supply but also install your new glass for you. We offer a wide range of bespoke options for your shower, and they are available with either standard or offset hinges, and with a knob or a handle. We will of course apply cutouts and drill the holes to suit your choices. Our shower doors are available in either 8mm or 10mm toughened glass with highly polished edges. Call us today on 01793 513 864 to design your bespoke shower door.

Why Glass Works in Your Home

Due to its non-porous surface, glass is extremely hygienic for your home. It can be easily cleaned and wiped down, ensuring your shower stays gleaming. Our glass is toughened to BSEN1250A, making it 5 times stronger and, thus, much safer. For a full overview of why glass is a great addition to any bathroom, check out our blog section.

Why Choose Glass for Your Shower?

Choosing glass shower doors ensures that your bathroom is not only extremely hygienic but also stylish. By offering a practical solution to get the most out of your shower, you become able to customise and design your whole bathroom around the unit without worrying about logistics.

Why Choose Our Glass?

For over 20 years, Cameo Glass has worked tirelessly within the glass industry to ensure our products are industry leading. We offer an entirely bespoke service for your shower doors. When you call us to place your order we’ll go through everything with you, from size, to shape, to look. Whether you want sandblasted, frosted glass or a crisp clear or coloured look, our specialist team will craft your product to the highest quality on offer in the industry, to your exact specifications.

At Cameo Glass we are a family run business. This means you will receive a personal service that revolves around your needs. Thanks to our close knit team, no element of the manufacturing process goes unmonitored, and you can be kept in the loop every step of the way. From design, to creation, to delivery and then installation, our focus is on ensuring this is a stress-free, exciting process for you that achieves your ideal end result.

Call Cameo Glass today on 01793 513 864. Speak to one of our exceptional staff members to begin your order.

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