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How Glass Shower Screens Could Transform Your Bathroom

Posted on: September 12, 2018

Having a nice bathroom is important. You want the place you clean yourself to be … well, clean. You should also feel happy in there, though. You should be able to relax and prepare for the day without a constant sense of nagging doubt looming over you because you’re not sure what’s missing from the room.

Glass shower screens might seem like a reasonably innocuous detail to focus on, but in our latest blog, we’re taking a look at how this small part of your bathroom can make all the difference.

Transform Your Bathroom With A Glass Shower Screen

Why change the screen?

Well, I suppose this largely depends on what’s currently in front of your shower, but it’s extremely important. From a functional perspective, a simple screen that both stops water from escaping and is easy to use has to trump a grotty shower curtain or an awkwardly-placed folding door.

The shower itself is rarely an issue for the overall look of a bathroom. It needs to be clean, but the main aspect of that area of the room that draws the eye is generally the exterior. In a bid to keep your bathroom looking smart, we’d strongly recommend replacing a curtain with a screen.

The significance of glass

Glass has a number of advantages over other materials used for this same purpose. Firstly, it’s exceptionally easy to keep clean, which is a fundamental aspect of the upkeep of your bathroom more generally.

It also has the ability to make pretty much any room look bigger. It makes sense when you think about it; a see-through object won’t block light or obscure other parts of the room, giving the overall effect of more space. Even if it’s not a modern look you’re after, glass can enhance any room in a great number of ways, so it’s definitely worth considering.

Still unsure? Give us a call

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