Immerse your space in the tranquil beauty of coastal vistas with Cameo Glass’s Sun and Sea designer splashbacks. Our collection showcases a diverse range of prints, capturing the essence of sun-kissed shores and serene seas in both timeless black and white, as well as vivid colour palettes.

Each design is a testament to the mesmerising dance between the sun and the sea, offering landscapes bathed in the golden glow of daytime or the serene hues of a sunset. In the kitchen, they provide a calming, easy-to-maintain surface, safeguarding your walls while inviting the essence of the shoreline into your space. In the bathroom, they create a soothing, coastal retreat that instils a sense of relaxation.

Cameo Glass splashbacks are more than just decorative; they’re engineered for resilience. Crafted from toughened glass, they ensure durability and longevity. Their heat-resistant properties guarantee they endure daily activities while preserving their vivid, sun-soaked allure.

Refresh your living spaces with the serene beauty of Sun and Sea designer splashbacks from Cameo Glass. Explore our collection today, and find a piece that transports you to the tranquil shores. With our steadfast commitment to quality and coastal charm, you’ll discover a splashback that transforms your space into a coastal haven. Bask in the beauty of the sun and sea with Cameo Glass.

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