What Is The Strongest Type of Glass?

Toughened glass, otherwise known as tempered glass, is the strongest type of glass. It is commonly used when safety and/or security are a priority as it can be up to five times stronger than other types of glass.

To make tempered glass, glass must first be shaped and checked for any imperfections. Then, the glass is heated to over 1,000 degrees fahrenheit before being quenched. Quenching involves a high pressure cooling system that cools the glass in just a few seconds.

This process of tempering causes the surface to compress. The centre of the glass, which cools slower than the surface, tries to retract from the surface which causes tension. It’s the combination of these processes that result in tempered glass’ remarkable strength.

As mentioned earlier, tempered glass is used for safety. Visors for helmets, screen protectors, kitchen appliances, diving helmets, windows and doors are often entirely or partially made of tempered glass.

Similarly, valuable objects in museums or shops might be displayed in cases of tempered glass for anti theft purposes. Indeed, components of bullet proof glass will be made from tempered glass for maximum protection!

What Other Types of Glass Are Strong?

Laminated glass is also fairly strong. It consists of two or more layers of glass bound together with polyvinyl butyric (PVB) which enhances the strength of the material. Upon impact, this type of glass will normally crack like a spiderweb, rather than split into hundreds of jagged pieces.

Laminated glass can be used for when a heavier, denser glass is not appropriate. Car window screens, shelves, some furniture and mirrors are all common uses of laminated glass.

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