Pros and Cons of Glass Shelves- Can they work for you?

Many people, when thinking about shelving, may default to wooden or metal shelves. However, glass can be a great alternative material. We here at Cameo glass dive into the pros and cons of glass shelves and discuss some solutions for some of the more common cons that may cause you to hesitate about choosing them over other types of shelves.


1) Reflective shelves with mirrored backings are frequently used to improve the visibility of valuable items. Delicate items can be viewed from every angle without being handled.

2) The ability to use artistic lighting effects is a significant advantage of glass shelves. Traditional wooden display boxes necessitate exterior track lighting or individual lighting on each shelf level, whereas glass allows light to shine through from above and below.

3) Individual lighting positioned beneath the shelves can produce a wonderful underlighting effect, particularly in a dark room at night. Reflected light through the glass can provide additional backlighting or underlighting.

4) Many types of floating glass shelves include relatively small supports that are not easily noticeable when the shelves are viewed. These supports assist in making glass shelving seem to float, but they may not be suitable if bulkier objects are placed on the glass.


1) Glass shelving can occasionally sustain heavier items, but solid support braces are frequently required to keep them in place. These supports are more visible than the smaller ones, but they are usually required if a person wishes to place a heavy object on the glass. To help make the stronger support braces less noticeable, paint over them with a colour that matches the walls.

2) Because glass shelving is so fragile, some people may be hesitant to use it. Glass shelves may not be a great option for a home with children or house pets because they are easily broken. Tempered glass is used in some types of glass shelving, making it less unsafe if it does break. Tempered glass, unlike regular glass, shatters into many small rounded fragments instead of sharp, dagger-like pieces.

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