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Sandblasted glass is a standard feature in many domestic and commercial properties. A frosted effect is achieved by firing sand particles at the surface, resulting in a surface that both offers enhanced privacy and a sustained level of light. Its versatility means that it can be used for a wide range of purposes, some of which we have spoken about in this blog post.

We’ll take a look at some of the most popular uses of sandblasted glass, and explain why this type of material suits the purpose so well.

For added privacy

Sandblasted glass offers greater levels of privacy for shower panels and bathroom windows/ doors, while simultaneously providing kitchen cabinets – often packed with miscellaneous crockery – with a cleaner, more uniform look than they would be able to get with a transparent surface.

The added ‘frosting’ ensures that seeing straight through the glass is impossible. You’ll be able to distinguish outlines, depending on the strength of the frosting you’ve gone for, but details will be impossible to spot. Not only does this property allow you to keep certain areas away from prying eyes, but it also allows more than enough light in so you’re not having to go about your business in complete darkness.

For any rooms that need an extra level of privacy, sandblasted glass provides the perfect solution.

For businesses

Sometimes, glass just needs to look good. We’d argue that glass very rarely looks bad, but there are ways of enhancing your pieces for specific purposes. For example, sandblasting allows you to decorate glass surfaces with company logos or artwork, helping to enhance your branding within your business’ own four walls.

Adding branding to the interior of a commercial property really adds to the professionalism of any company. Not only does it make it clear for any visitors that a) they’re in the right place and b) that you take pride in your brand, but it also adds an extra level of professionalism to your workers on a far more subconscious level.

Sandblasted – and, specifically, branded – glass can help everyone to distinguish a place of work as exactly that – somewhere for work.

For effect

Sometimes, things don’t need any purposes beyond their ability to look nice. Looking nice is, perhaps, not the first thing that springs to mind when we picture sandblasted glass, but the control over exactly what goes onto these surfaces does allow for some impressive creativity.

Obviously, if you need to be able to see clearly through a surface we would not advise having it sandblasted. If, however, you have glass panels in your house that you feel may benefit from a little bit of artistic license, then a floral motif or an intriguing outline can go a long way to doing exactly that.

Cameo Glass

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