5 Tips to Help Clean and Maintain Your Glass Splashback

The benefits of having glass splashbacks in kitchens and bathrooms are the ease associated with keeping them clean. The lack of grout lines reduces the chance of mildew and grease building up and coupled with the limited amount of time and equipment required makes glass splashbacks easy to maintain.

We’ve put together these helpful tips to help you achieve spotless glass splashbacks throughout your home.

5 Care Tips for Glass Splashbacks

1) Dish Soap

Diluting dish soap in hot water is great for cleaning glass splashbacks as the soap acts as an emulsifier that cuts through any grease or dirt left on the surface. This is a cheap and effective way to clean splashbacks in both the bathroom and kitchen.

2) Vinegar

The acidity of the vinegar acts similarly to the dish soap in that it cuts through both grease and mildew easily. This is another cheap solution to maintaining the cleanliness of your splashbacks regardless of where they are located in your home.

3) Non-Abrasive Cleaners or Equipment

Ensure you use non-abrasive cleaning products and equipment such as the dish soap and vinegar mentioned above and apply them with lint free microfiber towels. This will help prevent any scratches and damage to your glass splashback which would lead to a more dull and dirty looking surface.

4) Don’t Clean on Sunny Days

By avoiding cleaning your glass splashback in direct sunlight not only will streaks and smears be more easily spotted, your cleaning product will not dry as quickly which allows you more time to wipe the product off, leaving a shiny surface behind.

5) Clean Regularly

This may seem like an obvious point, however, the importance of cleaning regularly cannot be understated. Regularly cleaning your glass splashback will help reduce the amount of grease and dirt you will have to clean by not allowing it to build up. By doing so you can reduce the amount of cleaning product or time needed.

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