5 Benefits of Bathroom Splashbacks

Splashbacks are a common feature in lots of bathrooms. In this blog, we here at Cameo Glass will explore just why they have become so common.

1) Unlimited Design Choices

Bathroom backsplashes are extremely customisable. It gives you an opportunity to put a unique stamp on the room in a way that fits your aesthetic whilst remaining practical and functional. Backsplashes can be applied in any pattern and colour of your choice.

2) Creates the Appearance of an Enlarged Space

Using a glass bathroom backsplash has the added benefit that the reflective nature of the panels will visually increase the space of the bathroom by reflecting any light entering the room.

3) Protective Layer

Backsplashes can act as a protective layer as it helps to prevent your painted walls from suffering with water damage. The splashback serves to catch any spray from the tap as you wash your hands or brush your teeth. It protects the wallboard from being damaged by water.

4) Complements the tiling in the shower or bath enclosure

Used as an extension of the shower or bath tiling, a backsplash can help the cohesion of the room by drawing the eye to similar patterns and colours. It adds a professional finish to your bathroom.

5) Easy to clean

The materials of bathroom backsplashes are typically very easy to wipe down, clean, and generally maintain. As point 3 mentions, backsplashes are effective at preventing water stains on your bathroom walls meaning that overall they are a good choice for those who want an easier bathroom to keep clean.

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