Simple Home Improvement Changes to Spruce up Your House

As the new year comes ever closer, now is a great time to start thinking about your property, especially if the decor is looking a little worn and outdated. Giving your home a ‘spacelift’ doesn’t have to involve a complete renovation of the existing space; in fact, you can make simple changes that have a breath-taking effect on your house. Cameo Glass have therefore put together four easy home improvement changes which will help to restore life and colour to your house:




If you own dark, heavy furniture and are simultaneously restricted on available floor space, your rooms can start to feel closed in and claustrophobic. Instead of knocking down walls – causing a mess, noise, and disruption to your daily life –  or extending out into valuable garden space, why not choose a simpler home improvement solution for making your rooms feel bigger? Introducing mirrors will immediately open up your living space, reflect natural light to the different dimensions of the area, and create an eye-catching focal point that ties together the aesthetics of the room. What’s more, the stunning made to order mirrors at Cameo Glass can be customised to your required size, our expert sandblasting process offering personalisation for your mirror with a design that complements and augments your existing decor.



Glass Wall Art

Updating your walls can be a very tedious process; laying out protective sheets, stripping down the existing wallpaper, sanding and priming the walls ready for the new paper or for painting; all of these steps are extremely cumbersome, and completely unnecessary if you seek more time and cost-effective home improvement options for your property. Avoid all of this stress and effort by improving the look of your walls with spectacular art, printed onto premium quality glass. The skilled team at Cameo Glass can take your favourite family picture or contemporary work of art and turn this into a show stopping glass wall art piece that is guaranteed to last for years to come. Your glass art piece can be designed to extend across the length of a wall, or, alternatively, simply add an accent of style to a specific area of the room.



Glass Table Tops

Many of us have a specific concept in mind when it comes to decorating our home, and it is really deflating when we cannot find the right pieces to achieve this vision. Key examples of this are dining and living room tables; finding a table that fits within your existing space is often a difficult and exhausting feat, and you will undoubtedly have to compromise in your search for the right item. Here at Cameo Glass, we believe that your rooms should work according to your needs, not the other way round, which is why we know that our glass table tops are the perfect choice for your home improvement needs. Toughened to BSEN250A standards, our bespoke table tops are extremely hard wearing to cope with everyday use, and can be made to any shape, size, and thickness. Consequently, you can create a table that looks incredible in your house, fits perfectly amongst the existing furniture, and works cohesively with your available space.



Glass Shelves

Finding and implementing effective storage solutions is one of the biggest issues with which a home will struggle, particularly smaller properties with limited attic or basement space. Introducing lots of cupboards or sideboards can cut down the space of a room, and these simply won’t work in an area that is restricted by awkwardly shaped corners and sloping walls and ceilings. Moreover, it is tricky attempting to match new furniture to current pieces, particularly if your existing range is no longer in production. No need to worry, however, as we here at Cameo Glass are pleased to be able to offer an alternative route to this home improvement headache – glass shelves! Our exceptional glass shelves are created to your precise requirements and can be painted, printed, or sandblasted with your chosen design. Ideal for tight corners or awkwardly protruding walls, you can display your favourite items whilst still encouraging natural light to filter around the room.



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