Interior Design with Glass: an Introduction

A square glass table

Here we go again, going on about glass and its many benefits.

Now we know what you’re thinking – “surprise surprise, a glass manufacturer is telling us we should buy glass things” – but we’re not here to sell you our products. Instead, we’re here to explain why glass is such an effective material for interior design, and how you can use it to enhance the look and feel of your home.

A deceptively versatile material, glass works well in any home. How, though, should you be using it? Allow us to explain.


Natural light

Glass features – significant ones, at least – should aid the dispersion of natural light throughout your home. Properties such as reflection and transparency make glass the ideal material for enhanced lighting solutions.

When properly matched up with complementary design features, natural light can turn even the bleakest of days into a pleasant, soothing aesthetic. For example, north-facing rooms will capture light with a warmer feel, while the other end of the house will bring out the best in lighter palettes.

Natural light and our mental wellbeing go hand in hand. Conditions such as SAD (seasonal affective disorder) are becoming increasingly recognised as we learn more about our psychological disposition as human beings. The more you can do to enhance your home’s natural light, the better for its occupants’ inhabitants.


Bring the outside in

So many would-be interior designers become obsessed with … well, interiors. Some of the biggest transformations we’ve ever seen have been centred on making more of the great outdoors.

Let’s say you’ve got a pristine back garden, perhaps one that features a pond. It would be a shame to restrict that view to warm summer days – thanks to glass, you don’t have to. Adding glass doors to your exterior walls will significantly enhance the perception of space and allow you so much more room for manoeuvre. Why limit yourself to a particular room when your outdoor space has such potential?

For those who want to take it a step further, glass walls are now far less cumbersome than they once were; they now blend seamlessly in with their surroundings and offer an unencumbered, clear view of the desired centrepiece.


Significant features

Adding some significant features to your interior is the next step down from actual structural changes. You can make a big difference to a home’s interior by investing in some high-quality glass products:

All of the above products have the potential to transform your indoor space – or part of it, at least. Provided you use these products correctly, and have properly considered how your room will complement the additional perceived space and enhanced light, the possibilities really are endless.


Don’t forget about the smaller features

You’ll be surprised at just how much impact even the smallest of glass features can make. You needn’t spend thousands on structural changes or significant glass features if you don’t want to (or can’t afford it!) – instead, concentrate on dense areas in a particular room and break them up.

Glass shelves and table tops etc. can make a real difference. Swapping darker, solid colours for the transparency and cleanliness of glass will make space seem larger and lighter. The key is not to throw a few glass bowls onto an already-dark surface. That won’t do anything other than make everything feel more cluttered. Replace those clunky features with glass and you’ll feel the difference


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