Create a New Bathroom Through Simple and Cost-Effective Changes

Browsing through glossy catalogues and seeing all of the perfect rooms within the pages undoubtedly provokes the temptation to give the bathroom a complete overhaul, ripping everything out and starting from scratch. Cameo Glass are here to say, however, that you do not need to invest so much cost and stress to create a new bathroom, and have provided four simple and cost-effective changes to update your bathroom today:


Glass Shower Doors and Screens

If you like to think outside the box, a frosted glass room divider is the perfect solution to separating a bedroom and ensuite without completely closing off the room using a partition wall. Furthermore, distinguishing your shower area from the toilet and basin with a glass shower screen is a fantastic way to establish a luxury bathroom aesthetic and make the room feel like an expensive spa. Instead of replacing the entire shower unit and incurring a hefty bill in the process, simply update your shower with a brand new, stunning glass shower door. Keep things contemporary and elegant with a simple finish or create visual intrigue with a smart or unusual design. The professional team here at Cameo Glass craft and install superior quality shower doors that are toughened to our BSEN1250A standards, making them five times stronger and therefore extremely durable. What’s more, the non-porous quality of our glass means that our shower screens and doors are very hygienic, and so consequently are easy to clean and maintain.



We here at Cameo Glass absolutely love mirrors and their ability to transform their surroundings by augmenting natural light and making a room seem bigger and more spacious. Moreover, a mirror can add personality and character to an area, thereby serving both a functional and aesthetic purpose in the creation of a new bathroom look. Liven up a plain bathroom with an ornately patterned mirror, or go sleek and sophisticated with a simple but expansive piece that runs behind your washbasins. We are confident that our exceptional mirrors will make your daily grooming routine not only easier but also more enjoyable.


Glass Shelves

A brilliant means of sophisticated organisation and avoiding cluttering up the sides of your basin, glass shelves blend in seamlessly with any existing units whilst still allowing plenty of light to radiate throughout the bathroom. Keep all of your bathroom essentials stored in glass jars on the shelves, or, alternatively, use them as chic platforms to display your favourite bottles of perfume and aftershave. You can even make your glass shelves a focal point of the space by using LEDs to light up the back or the underside of each glass panel.


Wall Art for a New Bathroom Look

Placing accent pieces of artwork can immediately uplift a space and make it look as though you have installed a brand new bathroom; the key to this is keeping the overall look of your bathroom clean and minimalistic, which then allows you to be creative with art. With the amount of moisture that is created when someone uses the bath or the shower, normal prints can, over time, be subject to damage from all of the humidity in the room. Glass wall art, on the other hand, makes for great bathroom decor, as it does not fade or tarnish when exposed to moisture. Nature prints, in particular, look fantastic in the bathroom as they bring the tranquillity of the outdoors into your home, helping to create a calming atmosphere as you relax in the bath or get ready for the day.

Here at Cameo Glass, we are strong advocates for investing in premium quality products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time and know that, by updating a few key pieces, you can create a whole new bathroom look and feel. For more information about how our bespoke pieces can help create that luxury bathroom experience within your home, contact us today on 01793 513864 or via our online form.

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