Why You Should Choose Glass Worktops for Your Home

White apartment kitchen with black glass worktops

For many years, granite, marble, and wood have been the materials of choice for the countertops of many kitchens. In recent times, however, as trends have moved further towards modern décor, glass has emerged as one of the most popular materials for kitchen surfaces. 

Below, we explain why glass worktops are a great solution for anyone looking to update or refresh their kitchen.

1) Glass is resistant to, well, everything

Your glass worktops will be subject to spills, dropped cutlery, and other everyday incidents over time. Fortunately, they are perfectly equipped to handle the rigours of a busy home. Glass worktops and surfaces are resistant to damage from moisture and scratches and, thanks to their heat-resistant properties, you can also safely leave your hot pans and dishes on the counter with no fear of burn rings or warping. That said, we would strongly advise against leaving boiling hot materials on your surfaces; it’s not a good habit to get into. 

2) Minimal time cleaning

The hygienic quality of glass comes from the fact that it is non-porous, meaning it does not need to be sealed like many mineral and wood products. This is great news for those with a phobia of heavy cleaning! Glass is a stain-resistant material and can be kept bright and sparkling with simple soapy water.

Rather than spending hours scrubbing away at stubborn marks, a quick wipe will suffice before you head through to the lounge and put your feet up. 

3) Glass ages well

Retaining their quality long after purchase, glass worktops will help keep your kitchen looking pristine for longer than other materials will. Not having to frequently replace your weary worktops is obviously preferable, making glass a logical investment and cost-effective option for your kitchen.

4) You have endless variety

A kitchen should fit around your lifestyle, and suit your own personal taste; it shouldn’t be the other way round. Make your countertops work for you with a vast range of colours and shapes to create that bespoke and unique space. Here at Cameo Glass, we offer a high-quality colour match service for a number of premium brands including Dulux and Farrow & Ball, saving you endless hours of shopping around for matching glass.

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