Why Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Are the Better Choice than Tiles

a brand new kitchen is an expense that many of us simply cannot afford. An easy way to update your kitchen ready for the holiday season is by making smaller changes that result in a completely different feel, something as simple as putting in brand new tiling or a coloured splashback; but which do you choose? In today’s blog, Cameo Glass provide four reasons why glass kitchen splashbacks are the better choice over tiles for the heart of your home:

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Offer Perfect Colour Match

It’s often difficult to find tiles that match the exact shade of your kitchen, meaning that you may need to spend hours hunting for a similar tile colour or end up choosing a different paint colour for your kitchen walls, incurring further time and expense. Our bespoke coloured splashbacks for both the kitchen and bathroom can be colour matched to a broad range of paint brands, making them the perfect solution when refreshing your kitchen.


Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Look Modern and Chic

Tiles can often look too fussy in a kitchen that otherwise has a clean and chic feel, with elaborate patterns and shapes starting to look outdated within only a few years. Glass splashbacks, on the other hand, fit in perfectly with a glossy, modern kitchen whilst equally injecting a contemporary element into a more traditional kitchen, creating a sophisticated fusion between old and new.


Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Are More Durable

Undoubtedly, one of the victims of everyday kitchen life is your tiling, which is easily chipped if knocked by any appliances or other kitchen paraphernalia. Moreover, the grouting can quickly become stained by splatterings of food, wear away, and generally leave your kitchen looking grimy and grubby. Glass kitchen splashbacks, on the other hand, benefit from their toughened glass feature and are therefore extremely durable against stains and heat, meaning they will retain their aesthetic appeal and still look brand new in years to come.


Glass Kitchen Splashbacks Are Easier to Clean

Just a simple wipe and you’ve cleaned up any spills and stains that find their way onto your glossy glass kitchen splashbacks. Restoring stained grouting to its former glory is an almost impossible task and you may eventually end up simply re-grouting your tiles.

Furthermore, it is more tricky to remove dried on stains on tiles as they sit in any uneven surfaces and, consequently, require a lot more scrubbing and overall cleaning effort.


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