Who Should Consider Fire Resistant Glass?


Here at Cameo Glass, we supply fire resistant glass of the very highest quality. We also understand the implications of what we do; fire can cause catastrophic damage in a great number of environments, so it’s essential that our products provide the required protection. Who, though, needs to consider bringing these protective panes into their properties? That’s what we’re taking a look at in our latest blog. 

For domestic clients

It is, perhaps, slightly less common for people to have fire resistant glass installed in their homes. When you think about it, though, that doesn’t really make sense. It’s not just commercial properties that are susceptible to fires; they can break out pretty much anywhere. In order to protect yourself and your property, therefore, it would be a good idea to at least consider the safety glass. You could, for example, install it in areas of the house that are more likely to cause fire, such as the kitchen. 

For commercial properties

Offices, warehouses, factories, and a great many more commercial buildings would benefit from installing fire resistant glass. The safety of your workers is of the utmost importance, and fires can break out with little warning. 

The importance of installing fire glass is multiplied in lines of work that require hot temperatures (such as our aforementioned factories), or are especially susceptible to breakouts (a paper supplier, for example). If you’re responsible for your office’s administration, you need to seriously consider having fire resistant glass installed. 

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