Using Glass Shelves in Your Home

White room with glass shelves set into room.

Glass shelving can be used in a wide variety of spaces, including commercial and domestic buildings. Providing a modern and classic look, the specialist team at Cameo Glass has been providing glass shelving for many years and in our latest post, we discuss using glass shelving in your home.


Glass shelving has become increasingly popular over the years and many homeowners are choosing this style of shelving to add elegance and interest to their home. Glass shelves make an excellent addition to small rooms where you want to keep the space open, without including opaque storage options that would cause a sudden stop in the flow of the room.


Additionally, glass shelves can add a statement point of interest in large rooms, drawing the eye to a particular area of the room. Naturally, glass shelves can be used like regular shelving units to store your belongings in a tidy fashion. Whilst some people hold the common misconception that glass shelves are not as strong or durable as a typical wooden shelf, glass shelves are made from toughened glass and are both resilient and durable.


Another benefit of glass shelves is that you have the flexibility of customisation, allowing you to choose shelving options that complement the decor of your home.

Glass shelves come in a wide range of colours, including those from the British Standard, Pantone, Dulux, Ral, NCS, Valspar, Crown, Farrow and Ball, Fired Earth, Paint Library, and Little Green Paint Company. With so much variety on offer, glass shelves are versatile enough to be used in rooms that display both formal and casual decor.

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