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The kitchen is a real energy hub of the home; from cooking to entertaining, to doing homework, family and friends enjoy coming together in the heart of the house to eat and socialise. Unfortunately, over time, your kitchen will start to look worn and weary from all of this frequent activity, but investing in a brand new kitchen is a costly affair and can be the source of many emotional and physical headaches. 


From incessant tradesman traffic to dust in every room of the house, a complete renovation can be too much to handle, and there are certainly better ways to create a contemporary kitchen! Cameo Glass have provided three ways of creating a modern kitchen design that isn’t time or labour intensive and doesn’t involve having to completely replace your kitchen:


Paint Your Cupboards


An alternative option to completely replacing your cabinets is to give them a brand new coat of paint, instantly refreshing the entire room and helping to create a modern kitchen design. Start by removing the hardware – knobs and handles – from your cupboards and then thoroughly clean the units to remove any built up dirt and grime. If your cabinets are wooden, sand down the surfaces to create a smooth and even foundation ready for the primer, unless your paint already includes a primer in its formula. Fill in any gaps or indents in the doors and, once primed, apply a layer of paint, allowing this to dry before adding the second layer.


A Modern Kitchen Design with Glass Worktops and Splashbacks


If you are working with limited square footage and are therefore in need of space-enhancing small kitchen ideas, look no further than glass worktops and glass splashbacks. Practical and simultaneously stylish solutions, glass worktops and splashbacks – particularly in a white or aquamarine colour – help to open up the room and brighten your surroundings thanks to their smooth, light-reflecting quality.  The superior quality glass worktops and glass splashbacks produced by the professional team here at Cameo Glass are guaranteed to last for many years to come, are heat and stain resistant, easy to clean, and can be custom-made to your required shape, size, and colour. Glass worktops and splashbacks are an excellent way to create a contemporary feel to your property, and are so aesthetically stunning that they will convince people that you have just installed an entirely brand new kitchen.




As an inexpensive means of creating an illusion of increased living space, mirrors can be used in many different ways to help create a modern kitchen design. A large, full-length mirror placed opposite your windows will help to radiate and amplify sunlight around the room, as well as provide a sleek and sophisticated look to your kitchen. Cameo Glass is an industry-leading expert in toughened glass and sandblasting, and we use these glass processing techniques to ensure resilience, durability, and style for all of our products. Instead of repainting or wallpapering your kitchen walls, hang up a wall to wall mirror that has been sand-blasted with a geometric border design; this not only expands the look of the kitchen but also acts as a great feature piece, creating a focal point that’s sure to impress your guests.


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It really is possible to create a modern kitchen design without installing a brand new kitchen. Don’t wait any longer to transform your home; contact the friendly and knowledgeable team at Cameo Glass today to learn about how investing in our glass solutions can help you to create a contemporary kitchen with minimal fuss. You can reach us by calling on 01793 513864 or by completing our online form.


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