The World’s Most Distinctive Glass Buildings

Here at Cameo Glass, we understand and appreciate the wonders of glass more than most. For that reason, we feel like we should share some of the world’s most incredible glass creations with our customers. Here, we’ve taken a brief look at some of the most distinctive glass buildings in the world, and at what makes them so special.


London’s Gherkin

At the top of our list is a glass building that is certainly more “distinctive” to some than beautiful. St Mary Axe (or, to you and me, The Gherkin) stands at over 180 metres tall and is made up of 41 stories. Despite its somewhat mixed reviews, the building has won several awards for its design, including the RIBA Stirling prize. Unquestionably, The Gherkin is a prime example of unconventional design and innovation, and has made it onto our list accordingly.


Musée du Louvre, Paris

Home to the immeasurably famous Mona Lisa, the Louvre not only houses some of history’s most well-known pieces of art, but is arguably one itself. Surrounded by a stunning Parisian backdrop of the museum itself are three glass pyramids, which have become incredibly iconic. Through them, you can see the lobby below; beside them, you can capture a customary tourist photo. At night, the pyramids are lit up, creating one of the most beautiful scenes in a city simply brimming with stunning sights.


Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

Another slightly whacky design enters the list at number 3, and it’s to Spain we travel this time. The Basque region is known for doing things slightly differently to the rest of Spain, and its museums, it seems, provide no exception to the rule. Made up of glass, stone, and titanium, the many contours of the Guggenheim were designed specifically to capture and reflect light – again, the unconventional shape of this glass building has consistently managed to raise eyebrows.


The Botanical Garden of Curitiba, Brazil

Moving slightly further afield now, Brazil is home to one of the world’s most spectacular greenhouses. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Southern Brazil, the building was constructed with European style in mind; its designers modelled the greenhouse and gardens on those found in France. Inside are forests, tropical plants, and ponds, offering visitors the chance to view specimens from all over the world.


National Centre for the Performing Arts, Beijing
Inside is a stunning theatre, with glorious reds and golds dominating the colour scheme. Outside is a giant glass egg shell. Representing a break from traditional Chinese architecture, the NCPA is surrounded completely by water, and is made up of over a thousand panes of white glass. The lake never freezes or grows algae thanks to some smart technology employed by a number of scientists, leaving the backdrop to this innovative glass building in a constant state of purity.


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