The Benefits of Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is generally bought for its safety properties. Unlike standard glass panes, laminated ones stick together when they’re broken, keeping the amount of fragmented glass to a minimum and, therefore, reducing the risk of getting hurt.

Here, Cameo Glass are taking a look at a number of different benefits of laminated glass, and at why those benefits might prove useful.



We’ve mentioned this point already, but laminated glass is generally a lot safer than its standard counterparts. If it does get broken, the amount of glass on the floor, shattered, will be significantly reduced. Not only does this attribute mean less cleaning up is required, but loose glass can cause injuries, especially if no-one sees it. All too often is glass left lying around for weeks, simply because it blends seamlessly into the floor it’s on; obviously, this can cause accidents. A reduction in the number of shattered pieces naturally reduces the chances of an accident happening.



Laminated glass is also tougher than a standard pane. It has been designed to withstand blows of various kinds, and different levels of security are attainable. Generally, windows or doors made from this reinforced material consist of two sheets, with a plastic layer in between to hold everything in place. Naturally, that makes it tougher and much harder to break through. If you’re looking for toughened glass, then going for laminated variants is an excellent option.



Laminated glass is extremely good at reducing noise pollution. The thicker panes, and the fact that there are multiple layers between you and the other side of the glass, all contribute to a much quieter environment. If you’re in a busy area, or simply prefer not to take any chances when it comes to being disturbed by loud noises, then laminated glass is a great option. Not only does it cover on the noise front, it also has a number of other beneficial properties (as we’ve already discussed).


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