The Benefits of Installing Security Glass

Installing security glass provides a number of obvious benefits. In addition to providing security to a property, offering protection against thieves and vandals, it also reduces the risk of accidental damages and improves health and safety. While installing security glass is not necessarily a logical step in the home renovation process, it’s certainly something that’s worth considering.


Unsurprisingly, the primary reason for installing security glass is to bolster a property’s security. Put simply, security or laminated glass is much tougher than the standard variations of the material. That makes it harder for potential thieves or vandals to damage the glass pane. If you’re in a position where you feel increased security at your home or place of work might be needed, then installing security glass is a great starting place. Provided you take care and remember to keep doors and windows locked, toughened glass will go a long way to ensuring that your property is safe from criminals.


Another clear advantage to installing security glass revolves around health and safety. A large number of glass-related injuries occur as a result of accidental breakages. For example, should someone trip and fall into a glass pane, security glass is less likely to break on impact. Clearly, this reduces the risk of injury through cuts or scratches, if the pane remains intact. Furthermore, security or laminated glass remains together even when shattered, posing far less of a safety risk than a single, standard window pane. Both in the workplace and at home, lowering the risk of a glass-related injury is advisable: security glass does exactly that.


In addition to the aforementioned benefits, there are also a number of comfort-related advantages to be had from choosing security glass. For example, laminated panes are effective soundproofing options. Should your neighbours’ noise be affecting the enjoyment of your home, or if you’d prefer your conference room to remain completely confidential, security glass provides a great alternative to more drastic measures. Many types of security glass also contain anti-UV properties; your curtains, carpets and pictures needn’t suffer from fading any longer.

Cameo Glass

If these points have all made sense to you, and you’re now considering installing security glass in your home or workplace, then Cameo Glass can take it from here. Our laminated glass comes in a variety of shapes, shades and sizes, and will be expertly installed by the team here.

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