The Benefits of Glass Table Tops in the Home

Irrespective of your stylistic preferences, glass table tops can be incorporated into most homes very effectively. Whether you’re seeking a traditional atmosphere or a contemporary feel, glass has a wide range of properties that make it an exceptionally versatile material. 

Here, Cameo Glass takes a look at the benefits of glass table tops in the home. We’ll run you through the best ways to use the material, and the reasons why so many people are taking advantage of the products.

Looks stylish

As we’ve discussed in many of our previous blogs, glass looks great. It’s a product that can add a modern, contemporary feel to any room, while it can also enhance an existing traditional atmosphere. Glass features can also make a room seem more spacious, so if you’re searching for a more open feel to your home, it’s a great option. 

Easy to clean

Among the aesthetic benefits of glass table tops, the surfaces are also extremely easy to clean. While it’s always advisable to invest in high quality cleaning products, the process is a lot simpler for glass than it is for wood, and generally requires less specialist equipment. A combination of water and microfiber cloths should be enough to restore your glass to the sparkling state you first bought it in. 

A long-lasting option

Think of the alternative materials you’re likely to use for your table tops. Wood? Metal? Neither of these are anywhere near as durable as glass is. We’re not saying that it’s impossible to mark or scratch a glass surface, but the hardness of the material means it’s generally tougher than the alternatives. While wood will chip and metal will scratch and rust, glass will remain pristine for much longer.


If you’ve got a precious piece of wooden furniture that you don’t want to risk marking, consider what a glass surface could do. While wood might be easy to scratch and extremely expensive to repair or replace, a removable glass tabletop is likely to be a lot tougher. Water marks and spillages will just wipe off a glass surface, too, while they would be harder to shift from a wooden surface. 

Here, we’ve outlined just a few of the benefits of glass table tops. We do understand, though, that different situations suit different types of decor better; therefore, feel free to get in touch with Cameo Glass to discuss your options. You can give us a call on 01793 513 864, or fill out one of our online contact forms

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