The Benefits of Glass Balustrades for Your Home's Interior

Recently, we spoke about how glass balustrades can enhance the look of your outside space. If it’s a contemporary feel you’re after, then the products are absolutely perfect; they’re safe, stylish, and versatile. Glass balustrades are not only great for the outdoors, however. When used inside the home, they provide homeowners with a number of advantages. We’ve listed a few of the benefits of indoor balustrades in this piece, below.

1) Space

As is often the case with glass features, balustrades can create the illusion of more space. Consider a staircase, firstly. A closed off staircase will necessarily require more room to be taken up by thick walls. A more open style, on the other hand, using glass as a surround, will make the room appear and feel a lot more spacious.

2) Maintenance

One of the many domestic advantages of glass is the ease with which it can be cleaned. The stairs can sometimes be very difficult to keep clean, with dust constantly building up in the steps’ corners. Glass balustrades are not only easy to clean themselves, but they also free up the corners of steps, making them more accessible.

3) Safety

As with outdoor balustrades, the indoor variations are incredibly secure. Glass is tough, and provides little scope for accidents. The material offers the perfect balance between safety and aesthetics, without compromising on either. Don’t fret if you have children, either; balustrades from a reputable supplier are made from reinforced glass, and won’t chip or shatter if you happen to knock them.

4) Light

If you prefer your home to remain light throughout the day, then glass features are a brilliant option. Glass allows light to travel almost freely around a room, while many homes are guilty of blocking out natural light. Anyone that would prefer for their home to feel a little brighter should definitely consider installing glass balustrades.

5) Longevity

We could have tied this point in with number 2, but thought it important to draw your attention to it. While wood might become easily scratched, or rot over time, glass is exceptionally durable. Once installed, you can rest assured that your investment will bring you benefits long into the future.

Cameo Glass

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