Printed Glass Splashbacks: Adding a Personal Touch to Your Home

We recently spoke about some of the benefits of bringing glass splashbacks into your home. While we discussed some of the specific options involved, this post has been added to inform our readers about printed glass splashbacks. Here, we look into how a more tailored, bespoke design can cater to your individual taste and give your home the personal feel you’ve always wanted.

Pictures hold memories

One of the clearest advantages of bringing printed glass splashbacks into your home is that they can display your favourite pictures and memories. If you have a favourite family photo, or want to share one of your proudest memories with your friends and visitors, incorporating it into a splashback can be extremely effective. In some ways, printed splashbacks are a photo with added functions; your average family photo won’t keep your surfaces and walls free of stains!

Involve a theme

Another very popular approach to printed glass splashbacks involves a theme. If you dream of looking out of your windows onto a tropical beach, or over the snowy tops of the Himalayas, then opting for a picturesque glass splashback could suit you down to the ground. A huge number of themes and designs are available, so you’ll certainly be able to choose the right style for your home.

Make the most of flexibility

Thankfully, the nature of printed glass splashbacks means they can have almost anything printed onto them. Whether one of our aforementioned options appeals to you or not, there will almost certainly be something that does. Simple patterns, shapes and outlines are all available on splashbacks, giving you absolute control over the look and feel of your end product.

Cameo Glass

Such flexibility is certainly true for Cameo Glass customers. From the initial consultation phase to the installation of your final product, we will ensure that your personal wishes and requirements are catered for. We are Swindon’s leading glass manufacturer, and have an excellent reputation throughout the UK. 


We have shared a video showing our digital printing process, where you can see exactly how the process works. For any more information about our services, products, or simply to chat to a member of our team, call us on 01793 513 864 or fill out one of our online contact forms. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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