How Glass Features Can Help You Create a Contemporary Bathroom

Bathroom designs are plentiful, with a wide range of styles, colour schemes, and features available. The contemporary bathroom is one of these designs, which has become very popular over the past decade or so. White units and a minimalist design are easy ways to identify a contemporary bathroom, but glass features are another important aspect of the overall effect. Here, Cameo Glass takes a look at the different ways glass can be used in the bathroom.


One of the most common glass features of a contemporary bathroom is the shower. Glass shower doors are stylish, easy to maintain, and can make the entire room seem bigger. Larger glass shower doors also provide a potential hanging post for racks and towels, making them extremely useful. Bearing in mind that the contemporary bathroom often centres on minimalism, a place to hang your items could prove invaluable.


Okay, so mirrors aren’t exactly a new bathroom feature. They are, however, important in a contemporary bathroom. As well as simply offering you a handy reflection, they can be used as a stylish front for a bathroom cabinet. Often, mirrors in modern bathrooms will be slightly larger than their counterparts from traditional rooms. Wide mirrors extending the same length as the room’s sink or predominant surfaces are not uncommon, and can add to the sleek, crisp design you’re looking for.


Glass table tops, surfaces, and shelves are all excellent examples of glass features contributing to the modernity of a bathroom. They help to consolidate the clean, crisp look of a contemporary bathroom, and are also extremely functional. For example, their smoothness makes them easy to clean, and their cleanliness, in turn, makes them hygienic. A number of surfaces can sit underneath the glass tops, so they can be styled to suit your own personal taste.

Cameo Glass

Here at Cameo Glass, we’ve helped with a number of contemporary bathroom designs over the years. We supply glass shower products, glass table tops, glass surfaces, and an array of other suitable glass features. For more on the glass products we have in store, contact our team. Call us on 01793 513864, or you can contact us through an online form. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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