Use Glass Balustrades for Your Home or Office

Whether you are looking to update your stairway or are completely remodelling your home to include a new balcony, glass balustrades are the aesthetic and practical solution to a wide range of architectural needs. We here at Cameo Glass have therefore put together some of the exciting and inspirational ways you can use glass balustrades for your home or business.


Railing for a Terrace or Balcony

Safety is of course paramount when it comes to using terraces and balconies, but you also don’t want to compromise on any stunning views of the surrounding vista. Instead of opting for metal or wooden railing, why not use glass balustrades? Not only are they extremely sturdy and durable thanks to their toughened glass panels, they also work in harmony with your balcony or terrace to augment an incredible panoramic view of the encompassing landscape.


Creating a Walkway

With the increase in popularity for renovated factories and warehouses as commercial and domestic properties, more people are now living and working in buildings that are open plan and therefore very spacious, which is fantastic if you enjoy the high ceilings that normally accompany a warehouse conversion. If you need to connect two upper level rooms or areas but don’t want to close off any above space, use glass balustrades to create a clear walkway that will enhance the visual aesthetics of your property without having to sacrifice any natural light.


Providing a Barrier for Stairs and Lifts

If your hallway is narrow and doesn’t really benefit from much natural light, we highly recommend using glass for your bannisters as the perfect solution to open up much needed space. The team here at Cameo Glass love the seamless combination of glass balustrades and wooden handrails which bring together the modern and traditional whilst adding visual intrigue to your stairway.

You can also use glass balustrades as an alternative for bulky and unsightly metal or concrete; distinguish the lift area of your office and create a chic and professional look with glass panels that have been customised with an elegant pattern or your company logo. This can be easily achieved through the technique of sandblasting glass, something that was explored in one of our recent blog posts.


Sectioning off a Pool, Patio or Garden Area

Differentiating the areas of your garden whilst also maintaining a sense of flow is something that all gardeners and homeowners strive to achieve. Glass balustrades can be used around the patio to create a socialising and entertainment space away from the main part of the garden, promoting an air of sophistication and refinement. If you are lucky enough to boast a pool in your garden, why not use glass balustrades to section off a safe zone around the pool; this not only discourages running back and forth from the house but will also make your backyard reminiscent of a luxury hotel.


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