Glass Balustrades and Balconies – the Perfect Match

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with balconies, it’s essential that you put that extra space to good use. Balconies are ideal for evening drinks, al fresco dining, and a host of other fair-weather activities, so you need to ensure that yours is well looked after. Glass balustrades could hold the key.


When people get it wrong

We have previously spoken about indoor and outdoor glass balustrades, and how both can transform your home, but here we’re going even more specific. Balconies are an extremely distinguishable feature of any home, providing something different to the norm and helping set your property apart.

Often, however, people seem to think that simply having this feature is enough. It isn’t. Balconies can make even the most attractive properties look significantly worse if they’re not properly tended to. It is essential that the overall theme of the property in question is considered; from there, you can decide how to use your balcony to enhance that look.


Using Glass Balustrades

The benefits of using glass balustrades to enhance the look (and functionality) of your balcony are numerous.

Firstly, glass balustrades offer a sleek, clean aesthetic that can rarely be achieved with other materials. Even if your taste is more traditional and you’re considering wooden features, glass allows more of the balcony to be seen, and prevents the property walls from appearing cluttered. “Clutter” is always best avoided, as it can even make the property appear smaller.

Secondly, there are the practicalities to consider. Using a solid material for your railings will likely block your view, unless if it’s not safe. If you’re able to see through the material, you’ll  probably also be able to fall through. Furthermore, glass is a tough material and any damage to its structural integrity is clear instantly; you will find it harder to spot weak or worn-out wood than you will cracked glass. 

As a final consideration, it’s extremely easy to clean glass. This helpful attribute means that it is generally very easy to keep glass pieces looking fresh and crisp.


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