Easy Ways to Clean Glass Shower Doors

We here at Cameo Glass absolutely love the visual aesthetics as well as the practical quality of glass. It is extremely hygienic, can be customised to fit with the look of your bathroom shower door, and with frequent minimal care is very easy to maintain.

In today’s blog post we have done the hard work for you by going through some of the easy ways to clean glass shower doors.

Keep Your Shower Door Dry with a Microfiber Cloth

Being preventative is always the best course of action to ensure that your shower doors remain sparkling. A buildup of soap and water can be more damaging than many people realise, therefore daily wipe-downs will protect your glass and reduce the need for more frequent thorough cleans.

Ensure you wipe down the glass door with a microfiber cloth after each shower is taken; these are perfect for getting to those hard to reach places. Moreover, make sure you squeeze out any excess water after use by wringing the cloth as tightly as possible, and try to wash it every few days to keep bacteria at bay.


Use a Tumble Dryer Sheet

This one is a little more unusual but is extremely effective when used to clean glass shower doors! For the more stubborn and difficult to remove marks left by dried on water and soap scum, try rubbing any stains with a tumble dryer sheet as these are designed to remove water marks.


Opt for a Natural Alternative

White vinegar is an extremely useful tool to clean glass shower doors and is a great alternative if you prefer not to use artificial chemicals within the home. Just mix one part vinegar to four parts water, spray onto your glass door and wipe away with the non-abrasive side of your sponge. Finally finish off by rinsing away the vinegar with warm water; this process will not only leave a stunning finish but also kill off any bacteria that may be lurking on your glass.


Ensure You Use an Extractor

When showering, try to turn on an extractor or open a window in order to ventilate the steam that builds up within the bathroom. This way your towels will dry much quicker and it will also encourage clean glass shower doors and tiles by removing bacteria-encouraging moisture.


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