Different Ways to Use Glass Table Tops

Glass table tops are, undoubtedly, absolutely stunning additions to your property; both aesthetically striking and practical, they offer a myriad of opportunities to transform, brighten, and refresh your home. Glass table tops work harmoniously in both traditional and more contemporary houses, opening up space and creating a light and airy feeling within the room. Boasting endless versatility, glass table tops really let you express your creativity and individuality. You can create something bespoke and brand new, start a DIY project that upcycles an unusual item by introducing your glass table top element – such as an old sewing machine or tree trunk – or simply update an existing piece in your home.

Cameo Glass is an expert in toughened glass processing and crafting exceptional glass table tops; we have worked with many different clients to produce pieces that look incredible and are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Today, we offer inspiration on some of the different ways that you can introduce glass table tops into your home or office:

Dining Room Table

Are you feeling rather uninspired by classic dining room table styles? Why not consider using glass table tops enhance your dining experience? You can place a glass sheet over a wooden base to create a protective layer that is tough, hygienic, and easy to clean. Alternatively, opt for a more interesting or unusual base and use this as the standout feature in the room, enhanced by your transparent and chic glass table top. Having a glass top for your dining room table makes it very low maintenance, therefore, it is perfect for entertaining guests without the worry of food and drink spills and stains.

Coffee Table

A striking coffee table can really bring together a room, creating a centre point in your living space around which you can place your seating arrangements. Using a glass table top for your coffee table will ensure that you don’t cut off that feeling of light and space that often gets lost with heavy materials such as wood and plastic. You can accessorize your coffee table with decorative pieces such as a tray, books, candles, succulents – the possibilities are endless! Alternatively, keep your table free of clutter and, instead, place a contrasting shaped rug underneath, which will be highlighted and advanced by your glass table top.

Office Desk/Drawing Table

If you run your own business or have the freedom to decorate the interior of your work office space as you desire, why not consider glass table tops for your desk? You need a creative environment to be as productive as possible and glass table tops look truly impressive in both a corporate space and in your at-home study. Artists and architects can also use glass table tops for their drawing table; install bulbs behind the glass to turn it into a light box, perfect if you work with layers and want to illuminate your sketches.

If you are considering glass table tops to enhance your residential or commercial space, consult with the friendly and expert team at Cameo Glass today. We can create a bespoke piece based on your size and shape requirements, meaning that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to superior glassware. Contact us now by calling on 01793 513864 or, alternatively, complete our quick and simple online query form.

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