Designer Splashbacks: the Many Different Options

We’ve spoken about splashbacks a number of times before in our blog section, and for good reason. Splashbacks, and designer splashbacks in particular, make an excellent addition to pretty much any home. Regardless of your taste, there’s always going to be something for you when it comes to this particular glass product.

Here, we’re taking a look at some of the different options we provide for our designer splashbacks at Cameo Glass, and at how they might fit into your home. While you’re also able to send us your own custom photos, we’ll run you through some of the options we provide, so you can decide whether we’ve got something for you.
Designer splashbacks come in a range of different sizes, styles, and feature numerous different patterns. Contact Cameo Glass today for more information.


Abstract designer splashbacks suit anyone who appreciates the way simple colours and shapes can be manipulated into spectacular art. With different colour themes and styles available even within this category, there is a wide range of options available to any fans of our abstract design.


If you’ve got a favourite animal, then it’ll come as no surprise that we’re recommending this one for you. While we couldn’t possibly hope to have a design featuring everyone’s favourites, we’ve tried to appeal to a diverse taste range. From the spectacular colours of the peacock to the magnificent markings of the tiger, all of our animal splashbacks’ photos are of the very highest quality. As we’ve mentioned, you can also send us your own choice of image to use on your splashback; if we don’t currently have your animal of choice, then you need only find us a picture!


For the urban lovers of you out there, our cityscapes are truly spectacular representations of skylines and landmarks from all over the world. Bring the romance of Venice into your home, or marvel at the wonder of the Empire State Building from the end of your bed. Among our other featured cities are London, New York, Prague, and Rio de Janeiro.


Not fussed by skylines and tall buildings? Well, our designer splashbacks have still got you covered. The natural beauty of an autumnal riverbank need not require a wet, cold walk on an October morning. With our outdoor options, you can bring that exact setting into your own living room. The splendour of Canada’s Lake Moraine and Oregon’s Multnomah Falls would also provide particularly eye-catching additions to any home.


Few settings are more mysterious and naturally beautiful than outer space. If you’re fascinated by what lies completely out of your everyday reach, then this might be the one for you. Obviously, the general theme of our space designs comprises of a lot of darkness, but our nebula and planetary designs offset that perfectly.

These aren’t our only designer splashbacks available, either; far from it. We also offer designs from other categories: black and white, flowers, food and drink, painting, patterns, sun and sea.

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