Finding new ways to freshen up your home can be tough at times. Creating space and improving aesthetics can be very time consuming and depends almost entirely on personal taste. 

Back in November, we discussed the advantages of glass shelving. It is easy to maintain, exceptionally durable, and looks spectacular when lit up. Rather than leave you there, though, here are some ideas about how the rooms in your home might benefit from a touch of stunning glass. 


Using glass shelving in the kitchen can be a great way to modernise the room. If your kitchen is looking a little dull, dark, or just needs a facelift, then glass shelves can really energise the room, allowing a lot more natural light to take effect. Floating glass shelves can be a superb way to decorate a kitchen; they don’t look clumpy and are a practical, aesthetic way to store glasses, plates, and even heavier cooking utensils. Our toughened glass products are durable and perfect for holding heavier items. 

Even if floating glass shelving doesn’t appeal to you, installing glass shelves inside cupboards can make cleaning and maintaining awkward areas a lot easier. The dregs from used glasses won’t ruin or permanently mark the surfaces, and any dirt that appears over time can normally be cleaned with no more than a wet cloth. 


Glass shelving for holding books, DVDs, and CDs is a superb option. Rather than simply stuff your book and DVD collection onto the same shelf, desperately wishing you had more room, glass shelves can make your collections into a decorative item. Piles of your favourite books floating around the room might sound a bit wacky, but they can add a real personal touch to a home. What better way of honouring your all-time favourite reads than using them to decorate your living room? Other decorative items such as flowers, ornaments, and standing photos also look great on glass shelving, and can brighten up any lounge.


The bathroom can be a very tricky room to get right. Often, the shower floor is littered with shampoos and shower gels, while all manner of miscellaneous items are crammed into the cabinet above the sink. Introducing glass shelving to hold shower items, therefore, can alleviate tripping hazards while also looking stylish and clean. Should you not want such a large shelving unit, however, one shelf above the sink to hold soaps can add style while retaining some subtlety.

Dining Room

Glass shelving in the dining room can be used for many functions, which mainly depend on what you keep in your dining room. Glasses, ornamental plates, and vases provide a few initial ideas, but all manner of decorative items would look great on a glass shelf in the dining room. Lighting up the shelves during a meal can add atmosphere, while the natural light let in during summer evening meals will make those long nights feel even longer.

Around the House

Sometimes, a glass shelf can be a welcome addition to a hall or doorway. Pictures, flowers or ornaments need not be restricted to rooms, and can look great when placed throughout a home’s walkways. If your rooms are already looking perfect, but your hallways are a little bare, then a couple of glass shelves throughout the house can keep the whole home looking sharp and well-maintained. 

Essentially, glass shelves are a superb option throughout the home. If you haven’t considered the option before then consider starting small, perhaps with a single bathroom shelf or bookshelf, and see how you feel. Just remember, though, there are a number of advantages when using glass shelving, and it can provide a significant facelift for any home.

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