Adding That Touch Of Style And Sophistication With Sand Blasted Glass

Picture a chic London hotel or luxurious Californian home overlooking the Hollywood hills. Boasting chic sliding glass doors and room dividers, the frosted finish is alluring and exudes sophistication. Believe it or not, this look is easily achievable at home through sandblasting glass, a technique that has been perfected here at Cameo Glass.

We’ve put together some exciting ideas on how you can use sand blasted glass around the home.

In the Bathroom

A perfect solution for your shower door, sandblasting allows you to maintain that element of privacy whilst keeping the room light and spacious. Functional and attractive you can choose to have a specific area or the entire glass panel sand blasted. This is an ideal way to get that spa-like feel to your home without the expense.

On Your Windows and Doors

Incorporating an intricate glass design to your windows and doors is an original way to introduce a feature into your room. You can really be as creative as you like with this. Floral patterns, geometric shapes, abstract designs, the sky really is the limit! As the light shines through you will see your design cast interesting and beautiful patterns that dance on your walls.

With Your Kitchen Cabinets

Building a brand new kitchen can be extremely costly and disruptive to everyday life. All that dust and noise for weeks and months on end? Not for us, thank you! An alternative way to freshen up your kitchen is by adding sand blasted glass to your cabinets which will give the room an instant contemporary facelift. We also suggest adding spotlights within the cabinets as an elegant way to display your favourite glassware and china.

Less Time Cleaning, More Time Relaxing!

Whilst most sand blasted products tend to show up fingerprints easily, at Cameo Glass we use an innovative Clearshield treatment to combat fingermarks, dirt, and grime. This allows us to ensure your glass stays hygienic and pristine – great if you have curious little fingers running around the house.

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