3 Kitchen Splashback Ideas for Different Tastes

Kitchen splashbacks provide a great degree of flexibility when it comes to both function and style. How, then, are you supposed to choose between the many different options on offer?

In our latest blog, we examine 3 different types of kitchen splashback and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Yellow kitchen splashback with white cupboards 

Block colour

Arguably the simplest design available for a kitchen splashback comes in the shape (or, rather, style) of a single block colour. Don’t let the simplicity put you off before you’ve properly considered this option, though; provided the colour fits in with the rest of your kitchen – matching or complementing your worktops, furniture, etc. – block colours can have just the right impact.

If you’re struggling to decide on a colour, spend some time looking at examples of kitchens that you like the look of. Doing so can help you form a picture in your head of the kind of thing you’re after, as it can be hard to actually know without sitting down and properly thinking about it. Once you’ve decided on a colour and shade, you could even extend it to other parts of your house to complete the look.

Patterned/ textured look

Some people find that block colours can feel a little imposing, or unforgiving. If that sounds like you, then a great alternative is a patterned or textured style – the design breaks up the colour somewhat and creates a softer, less obtrusive effect. Patterned splashbacks often comprise multiple colours, and just suit certain tastes much better.

Textured splashbacks are very interesting, as they generally create the illusion of multiple colours or shades without the need to get too creative. Some splashbacks can also recreate the effect of certain materials, which naturally creates a softer look than a single, block colour.

Image-based splashbacks

Some of the best designs we’ve seen (and helped create) have kept it pretty simple and made use of an interesting image. The biggest advantage of this approach lies in the beauty of images themselves; they can be personalised and based on your individual memories, or abstract expressions of feeling and thought.

If you’re a fan of having lots of art in your kitchen, then the image approach could be the one for you.

Cameo Glass

When you’re deciding on a style for your kitchen splashback, consider these three simple options. We’ve covered a lot of bases with these three basic styles, but there are plenty of nuances and other variations available.

Once you’ve settled on a kitchen splashback, the world really is your oyster. There’s so much you can do to transform the room, but feel free to ask us for some impartial, free advice if you need a bit of direction.

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