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Using Glass for Kitchen Worktops

Posted on: August 12, 2020

Kitchen worktops come in all shapes and sizes, and we’re here to tell you why glass will always trump its rivals. Okay, so that’s hardly a surprise; as glass merchants, we’re going to do our best to persuade you that glass worktops are the way forward, but hear us out.

Essentially, the advantages of glass worktops for your kitchen surfaces are threefold: glass is exceptionally easy to clean, exceptionally long-lasting, and you can’t beat it for looks.

The clean option

Have you ever scrubbed away at your kitchen surfaces to very little avail? Most of us have at some point in our lives, and half the time it’s significantly easier to give up than it is to defeat the dirt.

That futile scrubbing is significantly reduced with glass worktops. Simply ensure that you’ve got the correct cleaning products, and you’ll find it much, much easier to wipe your kitchen down to its sparkling best. Provided you’re not silly (leaving sauces on the side for a week, covering your worktops in paint, etc), you should find your kitchen far easier to restore to its former glory when its surfaces are made from glass.

Glass that lasts

Provided you care for glass surfaces properly, they’ll serve as a long-term investment. Keep them clean and avoid leaving your clutter on them and you’ll have them to enjoy for many years to come.

Kitchens that sparkle

Glass looks smart. That’s just a fact. Well, maybe it’s more our opinion but it’s pretty hard to argue with. It shines, it glistens, and it pretty much always looks new.

The kitchen can very easily look a little ragged. With various utensils cluttering the place and cooking sauces spitting from the hob, it’s no wonder that many kitchens end up looking like a battlefield. While glass worktops won’t simply solve all those other issues, they do help to create a clean, smart look with minimal effort from you.

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