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How Are Stained Glass Windows Made?

Posted on: July 24, 2020

Stained glass windows are both beautiful pieces of art and impressive tokens of history. While the methods of achieving such miraculous designs have no doubt changed over the years, let’s take a look at how stained glass windows are made today.

How Are Stained Glass Windows Made?

Stained Glass Design

Every piece of art begins with an outline, draught, or concept. Stained glass windows are no different; images and designs are sketched onto paper first, before any of the preparation with glass begins. These designs should be as accurate as possible – with all the relevant dimensions in place – as precision will be needed further down the line when crafting commences.

An image of a stained glass bird

Glass Assembly

When the glassmakers are happy with the original designs, they will move onto the steps involving glass. Stained glass windows are defined by their amazing colours, and it’s massively important that these colours are spot on.

To begin with, the coloured glass will be cut into relevant shapes. The colours will be as close to the intended colour as possible, but exact colours cannot always be promised. In these cases, artists will paint over the coloured glass to get it as close to the intended colour as they are able.

Depending on the size of the window, dozens or even hundreds of these pieces will have to be uniquely coloured! When the pieces are finished, they will be placed into a kiln, where the intense heat will bind the paint to the glass.

Then, it’s time to bind the pieces together to create the finished product. Each piece is bound together by long strips of lead, and the lead is welded to the glass with solder. Cement is then used between the glass pieces and the lead, which ultimately binds the pieces together in one, cohesive panel.

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