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Sandblasting is the technical term for a surface cleaning process which can be provided to our customers in many different ways. A versatile craft which presents numerous outcomes, the team at Cameo Glass offer sandblasting as a great way to add decoration and unique touches to your glass features. Visit our blog page for an in-depth look at how the sandblasting process works.

What we do

The Cameo Glass team have the ability to sandblast mirrors, shower screens, glass shelves, glass worktops and tabletops, glass doors, glass splashbacks, toughened glass, and coloured glass. Sandblasting can be used to cover the entire surface of the glass, or a specific area as decoration, depending on your precise needs. Cameo Glass highly recommends the sandblasting treatment for all customers who wish to refresh their glass pieces with little fuss.
Using glass in interior design is an excellent way to add a feeling of light and space to a room. At Cameo Glass, we absolutely recognise how glass can transform any area for the better, and the importance of protecting it. This is why Cameo Glass recommends that sandblasting is used on your glass products, in order to facilitate the preservation of the glass and the protection against dirt and grease.


To help make sure that your glass feature is protected and to extend longevity Cameo Glass can apply an effective Clearshield treatment. The Clearshield treatment helps to resist fingermarks, limescale, and staining, acting as a direct renovation for corroded glass. The treatment also acts as a tough barrier against unwanted bacteria growth on your glass products. Clearshield also makes it much easier to clean your glass and to keep it clean for longer periods of time.

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If you’d like to know more about sandblasting and what Cameo Glass can offer you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our knowledgeable, friendly team who are always willing to answer customer questions. You can call us on 01793 513 864 or fill out one of our online contact forms. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Photo showing scary hands silhouetted behind frosted steamed-up glass window / shower screen. The backlit hands are pictured reaching out with the fingers spread and the palms pushing against the glass, while the actual face of the person is blurred in the background, making the scene appear mysterious and a little frightening.

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