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Laminated Glass

At Cameo Glass, our services also extend to the supply of laminated glass, annealed or toughened multi laminates with a polyvinal butral (pvb) or ethylene-vinyl acetate (eva) interlayer, either coloured or clear. There are many advantages to installing laminated glass into your home or business. Laminated glass is popular because it is a safety glass that has properties which allow the glass to hold together and remain sturdy even when shattered.  Laminated glass is often installed in places where human impact may cause damage to the glass, such as busy public places, because of this specific aspect of the material. Laminated glass is also great for security purposes, due to the toughened material which can resist forced entry and attempts of breakage. Another benefit of laminated glass is that it can be used to help reduce sound pollution, in both domestic or industrial settings. Specific types of laminate absorb sound which passes through the layers of laminate.

Cameo Glass recommends using laminated glass where possible, as the material is reliably  tenacious and can be shaped to fit any specification with ease. Laminated glass allows for versatile designs, co-ordinating perfectly in with the bespoke style of Cameo Glass and our services.

This resilient and durable style of glass can be used in a variety of different ways. A few examples of this include architectural glazing, floor panel, stair treads, glass balustrades, and well cover. The team here at Cameo Glass are always more than happy to run through the different options available and discuss exactly what we can do for you.

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